Media Appearances

Stop the Press!

I welcome media inquires. I enjoy speaking on technology in general, computer science research (including my own), and historical, social, ethical, and legal issues in computing.

Direct inquiries are welcome. Please contact Justin Goldstein and Adam Zeiff for inquiries in connection with my work at IEEE. You may also contact Loyola University Chicago Media Relations Group.

Television Interviews

WTTW Chicago, #DeleteFacebook: Is It Time to Say Farewell to Facebook?, 8 January 2019,, 2019-01-08

WTTW Chicago, Reports: Facebook Users’ Personal Data Exploited to Help Trump’s Campaign,, 2018-03-20

ABC-7 Chicago, Robots Inspiring STEM Education in Schools,, 2016-10-15

ABC-7 Chicago, Voting Technology Changing Elections,, 2016-07-16

Newspapers and Magazines

VentureBeat, How AI is Bringing Hollywood to Life,, 2016-12-09

EdTech Digest, Beyond Pythagoras,, 2016-12-16

Robotics Tomorrow, Robotics 101 at Loyola University Chicago,, 2016-11-03

SC Media, Vulnerabilities Exist but so do Safeguards,, 2016-11-09

ZDNet, Can AI really be ethical and unbiased?,, 2016-10-16

Philadelphia Inquirer, Penn physicists honored for work that could take heat out of computing,, 2015-04-24

Fast Company Co.Create, The Social Living Room: How Nintendo’s Wii Revolutionized Gaming and What it Means for the Future of Consoles,, 2012-06-07

IT World, Meet the IT Dream Team,, 2015-03-26 

Computer Weekly, If the Year of Code has got it wrong, how should we teach kids to code?,, 2014-02-17

Dell TechPageOne, Internet of Things will require data centers of all sizes,, 2014-06-24

Forbes, Does the Internet of Things Need Its Own Network?,, 2014-07-03

The Telegraph UK, Google Glass the next big gaming platform?,, 2013-08-12

Times of London, Computers with a Sense of Humour,, 2013-09-04

ACM/IEEE Supercomputing 2012, IEEE News Release for Supercomputing 2012,, 2012-11-12